About Us

Youngbrook Kennels are situated on the Northern Tablelands at Guyra, between Armidale and Glen Innes, NSW, Australia.

"Four-R-Jay" is a grazing property, giving the labs plenty of room to run, swim and "feel at home." The adaptability of the Labrador breed comes into it's own in this area - with the inclement weather conditions the NE Tablelands can experience - from 30+ in the summer to below freezing with snow in winter.

Youngbrook aims primarily to breed sound, well temperamented dogs, with plenty of bone.

In the past, apart from going to caring homes as pets - some labs have also gone to Guide Dog Association of NSW/ACT, and the Assistance Dogs of Australia purchased their first chocolate pup from Youngbrook.

We breed the three colours and puppies are available at various times.

I do not personally show my dogs, but choose to do obedience which the dogs and I totally enjoy with some success.

All stock have been hip and elbow scored and all have current eye certificates.

Both Rex and I grew up with Labradors and after having had several breeds of dog over the years have gone back to the "uncomplicated" Labrador.

If you would like further information about anything at all - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your time,

Regards, Jean Young.